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LED Low Voltage Power Drivers and Dimmers

Hera Lighting section index

Electronic LED Power Drivers for 24 Vdc LED's

Hera's constant voltage electronic drivers (shown first) come in four wattage ratings. The smallest, the 6 watt, is ideal for an area where you need one or two lights of lower wattage without exceeding the 6 watts. Then the 30 watt and 75 watt can handle larger numbers of lights. The 96 watt has built in dimming capability and can also be hardwired. These power supplies (you can call them power supplies or power drivers, and some people refer to them as transformers), they work great in commercial and residential applications and can be fitted into small spaces well.

If you are looking for the newer Daisy Drivers, the 24 volt drivers that can be connected in a series, we show them on the Hera Lighting Daisy Drivers page. There is a bit more to say about them, including the remote dimmer that works well with them. So we have placed that info on a separate page. The Hera Daisy Drivers work with all the lights mentioned in the next paragraph.

The first collection of drivers, dimmers, and cables shown are for Hera Lights such as the R55-LED, FR68-LED, Stick2, Stick3, and StickVE-LED, TwinStick2-LED, TapeBasic-LED, and the ER/EQ-LED

Product Features:

  • 110 Volt, 50/60 Hz
  • 24 V constant voltage
  • Available wattages: 6W, 30W, 75W, and 96W
  • Overload, Overheating, and Short-circuit protections
  • Soft start for maximum LED life (means lights can take a few seconds to glow)
  • 79" attached plug in cord, except 96 watt has detached power cord
  • On the 30W and 75W, attached terminal block with 12 ports. Can extend with STICKTB.
  • On the 6W, attached terminal block with 4 ports.
  • The 96W has attached DC barrel jack, but can convert to 12-port terminal block.
  • The 96W also has built in dimming, can be hardwired, input voltage 120-250Vac, 0-100% dimming range.

Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera PS24V/06/S LED power driver for R55-LED, FR68-LED, Stick2-LED, and many other Hera LED lights, 24 V DC, 6 Watt max, 4 port terminal block attached, can become dimmable with STICKPSDIM and controller
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera PS24V/30/Y LED power driver for LED lights, 24 V DC, 30 Watt, 12 port terminal block (can be used with several of Hera's 24 volt LED light systems), can become dimmable with STICKPSDIM and controller (The old /S is now updated to /Y.)
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera PS24V/75/Y LED power driver for 24 Volt LED lights, linear and spotlights, attached 12 port terminal block, can become dimmable with STICKPSDIM and controller. (The old /S is now updated to /Y.)
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera PS24V/96/DIM/S LED power driver, 24 V constant voltage, 96 Watt max, dimming ability built in, can be hardwired, 1-10V dimmer, range 0-100%, *REQUIRES PS24V/TB/DC terminal block to convert DC connection to Hera 24V power cables
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera PS24V/TB (was STICKTB) terminal block extender for PS24V/30/S and PS24V/75/S, short lead wire and then 12 port expansion block, uses 2 ports in existing terminal block (not for the Daisy style drivers)
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera PS24V/TB/DC terminal block for PS24V/96/DIM/S driver - necessary to convert DC connector to 12 port 24V terminal block (for use with 96 watt driver, and also the 30 and 75 watt Daisy Drivers)

LED Dimming Accessories to work with PS24V drivers, switches and cables

The STICKPSDIM connects to the output of the 24Vdc constant voltage drivers, it plugs into the terminal block. This allows you to connect more lights to the 30 or 75 watt drivers, even the 96 watt driver without exceeding the maximum wattage for the driver. It is plug and play functionality, and also for the controller. The STICKPSDIM will need a dimming controller such as the DIMCONTROL or a Lutron "low voltage" wall dimmer.  Must be 1-10V controllers. Those that work on the high voltage side DO NOT WORK. With LED lighting, you need low voltage dimming controllers. The previous remote dimmer, the RC-PSDIM/G, did come as a combination module and controller. We have removed that from this page. But there is a replacement, the RC-PSDIM/V2 shown on the Daisy Drivers page, and also below. The RC-PSDIM/V2 has a convenient connector on it to work directly with the daisy drivers. So if you need a remote dimmer, please go to that web page and you will see LED power drivers on that page too.

The PS24V/SWITCH is just a simple on/off switch. The KB12LED connecting cables are to give you longer reach for the lights and controllers. KB12LED connecting cables can be used for extension for any lights operating from the PS24V drivers. The IRSWITCH can be used as a door sensor or as a motion detector.

Product Features:

  • Easily connects to the output of the PS24V drivers
  • STICKPSDIM max wattage is 48 watts, can use two on the 75 watt and 96 watt drivers (ganged together)
  • STICKPSDIM can be controlled with DIMCONTROL, and two of them can work from same controller with YCABLE
  • Dimming range is 0-100%
  • Control signal output 1-10Vdc
  • No interference with multiple remote systems
  • DIMCONTROL is used with one or two STICKPSDIM modules (YCable needed for two)
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera STICKPSDIM dimming module for use with all Hera light systems using the PS24V 24 volt LED power drivers, requires a dimming control unit (such as DIMCONTROL)
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera STICKDIM/YCABLE splitter cable to use with two dimming modules for the STICKPSDIM unit. Or to control two PSLED/DIM/S with one DIMCONTROL. Allows one controller to control 2 modules. Works for all lights using the PS24V power supplies and dimmers. And works on the PSLED/DIM/S.
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera DIMCONTROL/EURO (was/S) dimmer controller for use with the PS24V and PSLED/DIM/S power drivers, 24 volt systems, 1-10 Vdc Sink Control
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera PS24V/SWITCH on/off switch to use with PS24V power drivers, comes with a terminal block. A simple on/off only switch for use when you have no other way to switch the lights off and on.
Manufacturer: Hera Lighting
Hera KB12LEDCC98 extension cable 98'' for use with PS24V power drivers and various LED lights, can connect to each other
Or select KB12LEDCC39 39" cable
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera IRSWITCH infrared switch for LED light fixtures. 1" range, for use with PS24V power supplies, can be used as door switch or sensor switch, 30 W max. load
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera STICK2/OC occupancy switch, human body detection sensor, 80 degree beam angle, 8' max. range
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera RC-PSDIM/V2 remote control dimmer for LED lighting. Works with PS24V DAISY driver systems, has DC barrel jack input to driver end. Attached 12-port terminal block. Dimming module with wireless remote. 600 watt max. load.

About the RC-PSDIM/V2 just above:

The RC-PSDIM/V2 is a little different from its predecessor. The power IN lead is a barrel jack connector. So if planning on using this remote dimmer, and you are doing a new set up, we strongly advise using it with the Daisy Drivers. More info on them is shown on that web page. The Daisy Drivers have a barrel jack output port that the connector on this dimmer can super easily slide into. Very convenient. But when wanting to use this dimmer with the NON-daisy drivers shown first on this page, a little wire manipulation will be in order. You don't need an electrician, but you will have to disconnect some wires on the power ports and connect a different type of wire to connect to the older style constant voltage drivers. It is not hard, it is just a little extra effort. So if planning a new set up with this dimmer, definitely look at the Daisy Drivers for a very easy connection.

Constant Current Electronic LED Power Drivers for 24Vdc

Next shown are the Constant Current drivers, different from Constant Voltage drivers. The PSLED drivers are for Hera's lights such as the: SR45-LED, SR68-LED, Big6/2-LED, EYE-LED, HO-LED, and the STEM-LED. Designed to work in commercial and residential applications, small dimensions so you can tuck them out of sight neatly. But do not bury them, with the overheating protection, you want all LED drivers to have some air space around them. And if using two drivers side by side because you have a larger bank of lights, separate the drivers, have at least 8" of space between them or more. The heat output from one driver could affect one too close to it. Both could trick each other to turn off. So give each driver some breathing room, and do not bury them in walls. Inside of a cabinet is fine, but keep them accessible, you might have to reach one in the future.

Product Features:

  • 100-120 VAC, 60 Hz, 350mA constant current
  • PSLED/10 has 10.8 watt maximum load
  • PSLED/DIM/S is a dual 9 watt load, two terminal blocks up to 9 watts each
  • Overload, Overheating, and Short-circuit protections
  • Soft-start to maximize LED life
  • 79" plug in cord on both
  • Attached terminal blocks are 3 ports each with two jumpers in each block
  • Jumpers are important to keep in place if no light is connected into that specific port
  • Terminal block extenders can connect into attached terminal block to add more lights (without exceeding wattage rating)
  • Dimming range on PSLED/DIM/S is 10-100% (not zero)
  • PSLED/10 is not a dimmable driver, use other if you plan to have dimming
  • Connecting cables available to extend reach of lights away from driver
  • DIMCONTROL shown in previous section can be used to control PSLED/DIM/S, one per driver only

Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera PSLED/10 power supply for 24V LED lights, 350 mA constant current with 79'' cord length, 10 watt (but can support up to 10.8 watts)
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera PSLED/DIM/S dimmable power supply for LED lights, 350 mA constant current with 79'' cable, 18 watt (dual 9 watt leads) - requires DIMCONTROL to be dimmable, works at full output without controller
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera LEDCC36 LED connecting cable, 36'' long - for use with PSLED drivers to extend distance of lights from driver
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera LEDCC72 LED connecting cable, 72'' long - for use with PSLED drivers to extend distance of lights from driver
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera TBLED/B terminal block for PSLED power supplies, 3 port with 2 jumpers, to add more lower wattage lights to same driver

On each lighting page within the Hera Lighting section of our website, we will note which drivers are needed to work with each light. We will not leave you confused.

When selecting the proper driver for your application, which we can help with your layout too, add up the wattage of the lights that you are selecting. You want a driver that can handle the added wattage of your layout. If you are controlling "sections" of your kitchen, or display cases for commercial applications, we will refer to this as zones, since zone is an easier word to use. So in your kitchen, say you have a long strip of linear lighting under your cabinets, and then one each of a round spotlight inside each glass front cabinet. And you want to control these two zones independently. You would need a power driver for each zone. If you plan to dim each zone separately, then you need dimmer set ups for each zone too.

But, say you want those under cabinet linear lights and the lights in the glass cabinets to always be on together, then one driver can control both as long as the added wattage of all the lights does not exceed the driver.

Stick linear lighting, Tape Lighting, and round spotlights can all work from the same driver. The 30 and 75 watt drivers have a terminal block with 12 ports. You can run spotlights, or the Stick2 or Stick3, etc. power cables out of the same terminal block. You can run multiple dimming modules from the same driver, that technically would be setting up multiple zones from the same driver if the dimmers are controlled separately. Some people do this. They run 2 or 3 spotlights above the kitchen sink and want those at full power, but the adjacent lights right and left under the upper cabinet banks to be dimmed. There are many ways to set up your lighting. And not just in the kitchen.

Hera LED lights are used in the bathroom, bedroom, and even living room furniture. What's the difference between a glass mullion cabinet door in an entertainment center and the same door in your kitchen? Difference is only what is in the cabinet. That entertainment center would zing with lighting inside it. Whereas, in the kitchen, you may not want it. You don't necessarily highlight your cornflakes with inside cabinet lighting. But if you have some nice China plates on display, you might want to light them up.

We can help with the appropriate lighting and power controls for your needs.

To return to any of the Hera Lighting pages that use these drivers and dimmers, please use the orange hamburger button toward the top of the page, or from this list of links identifying the lights by product code only:

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