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SR45-LED Small Swivel Spotlight

Hera Lighting section index

Small Recessed High Output Swivel Spotlight

The SR45-LED spotlight is ultra compact. Designed to fit in the same hole as the old halogen EH24 light, and the old LED version EH24-LED. It features a 20 degree tilt forward or backward for pinpointing light in display applications. A great light with a small footprint, but large light output.

Product Features:

  • Energy efficient at 5.3 watts
  • Available in 3000K warm white and 4000K cool white
  • Stainless Steel or a White finish option
  • Estimated 50,000 hours of useable life (6 years if on 24/7, but consider, if on 8 hours a day 5 days a week, that is approx. 24 years)
  • Efficacy: 91 lm/W, CRI >82
  • 20 degree tilt to either side
  • Attached 79" connecting lead with plug and play jack
  • Approved for use in closet applications
  • For use with 350 mA constant current driver (one or two can work from PSLED/10)
  • Dimmable if used on PSLED/DIM/S driver (max. 2 lights per this driver)
Manufacturer: Hera Lighting
Hera HER-SR45/SS/3000 swivel/tilt recessed spotlight, warm white, 5.3 watt, attached 79" lead wire, stainless steel finish (direct replacement for EH2420 and EH24-LED), can run 2 on PSLED/10
Also: HER-SR45/SS/4000 cool white
Manufacturer: Hera Lighting
Hera HER-SR45/WH/3000 swivel/tilt recessed spotlight, warm white, 5.3 watt, attached 79" lead wire, white finish (direct replacement for EH2420 and EH24-LED), can run 2 on PSLED/10
Also: HER-SR45/WH/4000 cool white
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera PSLED/10 power supply for 24V LED lights, 350 mA constant current with 79'' cord length, 10 watt (but can support up to 10.8 watts)
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera PSLED/DIM/S dimmable power supply for LED lights, 350 mA constant current with 79'' cable, 18 watt (dual 9 watt leads) - requires DIMCONTROL to be dimmable, works at full output without controller
Ordering Note:
The PSLED/10 driver can actually support up to 10.8 watts. So one or two of the SR45-LED lights can work from this driver. If you desire a dimming option for this light, then you need to use the PSLED/DIM/S driver which is a dual 9 watt. There is only 9 watts per terminal block. So even though the maximum capacity for that driver is 18 watts, you cannot hook up a 3rd light, it will not work that way. Only two of the 5.3 watt SR45-LED lights can operate from that driver.

For the DIMCONTROL dimming controller or extension cables for this light, please see our LED Power Drivers and Dimmers web page.

On the extended pictures shown when clicking on the stainless steel color light above, you will see two black-tipped spring load clamps. These are NOT visible when the light is mounted. They actually fit into the recessed hole and hold the light into the hole. The diagrams below explain that a little more and show the dimensions on the light also. Additionally, spacing requirements for heat dissipation.

Hera SR45-LED recessed spotlight specifications
Hera SR45-LED light placement specifications
For the X and Y measurements in the second diagram above,
Y is the panel thickness, and X is the minimum depth needed to mount the light.
Panel thickness (Y) up to 5/8", mounting depth (X) needed 1-1/4".
Y from 11/16" to 3/4", X = 1-3/8"
Y from 13/16" to 7/8", X = 1-5/8"
and Y from 15/16 to 1-3/16", X = 1-13/16".

Minimum distance between a light and a power driver should be 4" or greater. Reason being that the driver has burnout protection. Heat from the light could trick it into turning off if it senses it is too hot. Best to space the driver even a bit further than 4" away. Lights do have a 79" attached lead wire.
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