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Close-out Discontinued Hera Cabinet Lights

Hera Lighting section index

Discontinued lights that we still have a little bit of stock left

Over the years there have been a lot of changes. In the 1990's Hera started with halogen and fluorescent lighting. Then LED evolved. And it evolved more. As Hera has chosen to discontinue some lights to make way for new designs and technology, we tend to end up with some left overs. All lights on this page are brand new and still in their original packaging. They are just overstock that we haven't sold, and some that we chose to stock up on before Hera ran out. Lights that were popular with us that Hera still had, we were not shy about still stocking and offering. So most odds and ends of what is left is here.

We do have two other web pages that will have specific close out lights on them. On our T4 SlimLite Reference Information page, any stock remaining on the T4 replacement bulbs is shown there. As well as options to use the ELite-LED XL in lieu of the T4 SlimLites themselves being completely sold out.. The T4 SlimLites and T4 bulbs were discontinued in the summer of 2018. Stock sells off eratically as customers find our website. We very well could be the only Hera distributor with any stock left.

And then on the Halogen Under Cabinet Lights page, next to nothing left. All halogen lights are sold off. The page has just a few halogen accessories remaining on it. It does reference part that are completely kaput, and some current options for you. Hera made the decision to stop production on their entire halogen line in August, 2015. Lights, transformers, replacement rings and lenses, everything ceased production. Since the 18 watt round Xenon light also ran from the 12 volt transformers, any remaining Xenon lights wil also be on that page also, of which, one choice does remain.

As for the remaining discontinued lights in our stock, they are below. We will not have extensive information on this page about the lights because anyone looking for anything on this page is most likely just replacing a dead light, or expanding a few. For some, we have only one or a few left. On others like the KB12LED which we felt was an awesome under cabinet light, we have an abundance left. Hera may also have some leftover stock on some LED lights. But we had already cleaned them out of their halogen lights and T4 SlimLites. And now most of their T5 SlimLites too.

The 220-240 volt PSLED230 LED driver is also shown on this page toward the end. It is for European voltage.
Hera Close Out Lights
Hera KB12LED/BL/CW recessed mount LED light, 1.6 watt, 98'' attached cable, fits in 2-1/8" hole, cool white, BLACK RING COLOR. We will update picture when we have a chance, but these two remaining lights are the BLACK color.
(2 left, as of 10-14-22)
Hera Close Out Lights
Hera QPADLEDWH/WW QPad-LED light, rectangular (almost square), 7.5 watt, warm white LED, white finish (Note that end caps snap onto light after mounting to hide screw and to give nice framed appearence to light.)
(Five left in stock, as of 9-6-22)
Hera Close Out Lights
Hera AR78LED/SS/CW high power recessed 7.5 cool warm white LED spotlight, ideal for ceiling mounting, 50,000 hour LED, 98" lead wire attached, dimmable, stainless steel finish
Hera Close Out Lights
Hera BIG6WH/CW Big 6 LED light, 6 x 1W LED, 5500K cool white, white finish - comes with its own LED power supply
Hera Close Out Lights
Hera LUMIMAX25/WW high output linear LED with 4 2-watt diodes 25-1/2'' long, dc converter included, warm white
Hera Close Out Lights
Hera ES22LED/WW Slimlite XL-LED 23-1/8'' long, 6.7 Watt WARM WHITE light fixture w/ LED TUBE
Hera Close Out Lights
Hera HER-STEMLED/20/500/SS Stem-LED light 21-1/16" tall, 5 watt cool white, tilting head, stainless steel finish, 46'' attached lead wire, needs PSLED/ driver and a LEDCCX4 adapter (one adapter per light)
(2 left in stock)
If you need replacement LED power drivers or some cables, those are shown on the LED power drivers and dimmers page.
On a couple of the lights above, the Big6-LED and Lumimax-LED, those come with their own specialized power driver in the kit. On the SlimLite-LED above, those run from 120 Vac current. If you need cables or cords for them, the T5 SlimLite page will display your options.

SlimLite-XL LED Note:
The SlimLite LED version has been discontinued and was removed from the 2019 Hera catalog. This light did come with a removeable LED tube. But Hera never made the replacement LED tubes available. When the tube finally exhausted its lifespan, the recommendation was to replace the entire light fixture. And these are expensive fixtures. OUR recommendation is to replace the SlimLite LED XL with the ELite-LED XL. The ELite-LED XL actually comes in 5 lengths, not just four. So you have the option for a 57" long light in the series. The ELite-LED XL is also much more economically priced than the SlimLite LED. Priced near identically to what the SlimLite T5 fluorescent was. AND, oh yeah, there's more ... and, the ELite-LED XL does not have bulbs that you have to change, it is an integrated LED strip rated for 50,000 hours. There are two versions of the ELite-LED, the normal grounded version, and then the XL. The XL represents the connection ends which are identical to SlimLite XL.

For a brand new light system, linear and T5 size, we would encourage you to check out the Hera ELite-LED lights. Near identical to what the SlimLite-XL LED was, but with some better perks to it: rated for 50,000 hours, available in 5 lengths not just 4, more light output per tube length, grounded, and half the power consumption with the same amount of light output.
The PSLED230 power driver is for European applications. Notice the plug on it. It is not for US applications. From time to time, we get asked for this driver. And we purchased quite a few from Hera when they were available. These will be the last of them, so we decided to put them here on the closeouts page instead of the Drivers page.

This driver works on 220-240 voltage and is a 23 volt low voltage driver. It is 350 mA. Has a 1 watt min. load and a 9 watt maximum load.
Hera LED Power Drivers and Dimmers
Hera PSLED230 power supply for LED lights, 350 mA, 23 volt European version, work from 220-240 voltage systems. Click the picture to see close ups.
(5 left in stock, as of 8-16-22)
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