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Display and Cabinet Lighting Examples [Help Page]

Hera Lighting section index

Installed application photos of Hera Lighting products

This Hera Lighting gallery is in random order. Photos of their lighting used in home and commercial applications. Cabinet lights, bedroom lighting, office lighting, and store shelf lighting for just a few.

Scroll through the photos at your leisure, there are a couple dozen. They are not set to automatic scroll because sometimes you want to take a longer look at one and when it disappears from the screen before you are ready, that really stinks. So you have the control over the speed.

We have also placed a few sentences below each photo to describe what you are looking at. This text seems to disappear if you rest your mouse over the photo. When you move your mouse farther away, it re-appears. On smaller devices the text block seems to grow upward over the picture. Most pictures are set up as links to their respective product pages also so you can easily advance to a page to review the light information in more depth.
If something you just saw triggered a thought or a question, please use this quick contact form to ask us. Replies will generally happen within a few hours to a couple of days. All depends upon the time of day and how busy we are. We do try to respond promptly. Most weekends we do take off.
Got a quick Hera Lighting question for us?

Upon answering the Captcha and clicking or tapping SEND, this page will redirect to the Hera product summary page.

Many moons ago, or many light bulbs ago, a company created a Youtube video for us about the evolution of cabinet lighting. Click that link to check it out.
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