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Recessed Corian Shower Caddy

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Rock Solid Recessed Corian Shower Caddy

On the Corian Bathroom Hardware page on our web site, you will see the several recessed and corner shower caddies, or shower niches, that are made by Rock Solid. Dimensions and pricing are shown on that page. That is the page you can order from.

This page is about a picture one of our customers sent us of his recessed Corian shower caddy. This is Rock Solid's model 283 with a small modification. Yes, custom requests are available. There are set up charges, but they can be done.

This Corian Glacier White caddy was modified to be a little taller. Look at the width of the top border.
The top border is a little wider than the left and right borders which overlap the wall of the shower. The part of the caddy that insets into the hole is smaller on the back than the surround front decorative flange. The bottom border is a little taller too, but hard to tell because the dish portion lip extends out just a little past the border surface.

Photo is compliments of Andrej K., Toronto, ON, Canada. He requested this caddy to be just 1/4" taller on the top and bottom border so it would line up nicer with the horizontal lines on his wall surface. And he did a great job. It looks great sitting between those two lines. He was still working on installing new shower controls, not yet in.

The recessed shower caddies come in 3 established width options, each growing a bit taller as the width grows. Dimensions are shown on the Corian Bathroom Hardware page. These 3 choices come as 2 shelf units, the upper larger cavity to hold bottles, and the shorter cavity on the bottom for bar soap. There is also a narrow one shelf caddy for those who would like one for just bottles.

Pretty much every Corian color can be available. We have to check material stock with Rock Solid per each request. The popular Corian colors they generally have. Some older colors, they might have leftover stock. And on the newer colors, they may not have had the chance to aquire any. Rock Solid works with fall out material (extra scraps from installs), but they have access to all current colors. Material charges will happen for colors they have to purchase. If you have leftover material from your install, they can use your material. Nice if you are looking for a Wilsonart, Staron, Hi-Macs, or other solid surface brand color. So when ordering, please let us know "in the comments" which solid surface brand and color you would like. You can also list an alternate color or two that you would like us to check on. We will find out if Rock Solid has enough of the color on hand to make what you need.

On that same bathroom hardware page, there are recessed soap dishes, recessed TP holders, and surface mount corner caddies. Rock Solid actually makes cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, wall switchplates, corner shelves, and bathroom hardware out of real Corian and other solid surface material brands.

About the custom configuration.

Alterations to the measurements can be requested. Rock Solid will charge an alteration fee. We have to ask them each time how much it will be, and then we can relay that to you. Each task is a bit different for the work involved.

Note to Commercial Customers

On occasion, we do get large requests for these caddies. Hotels, schools, military bases, and others have installed shower caddies from Rock Solid all over this country. We can offer discounts for volume. Do note though, that with larger orders, Rock Solid will have to purchase sheets of material to make the caddies. Thus there will be a material fee. And we will ask them what it will be and quote it to you. Thus for larger orders, you can just send us a plain text e-mail with your requirements (which caddy, color, quantity, any other helpful info). If you need special dimensions, we will make a complete request for you to get an accurate quote from Rock Solid.

These caddies are of course available to homeowners in whatever quantity you may need. Most of our orders are just one at a time.

We have color photos of many Corian, Wilsonart, or Staron images shown on our website. We do NOT regularly update that page. So some colors may be gone by this time, and lots of new colors are not shown yet. The manufacturers websites will show their current color production. It is hard to keep up with. Corian adds and subtracts colors every year.

These caddies and other products made by Rock Solid are solid surface materials. So if you have Soapstone, Caesarstone, and other materials that contain "quartz", those cannot be used. They are too hard, natural stone in them. Only solid surface materials are used.

If you have any questions about the recessed shower caddies or any other products made by Rock Solid, please let us know. The web pages for the other products are listed directly below.
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