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More about Eclectic-ware

More about what we do and how we help

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Project Planning:

Several of the product lines that we offer are custom made, or made to order. With the numerous choices, some manufacturers stock none of their own product and make it upon request when they receive orders. The custom sized cabinet doors that we offer, the custom stainless steel handles, and the Corian cabinet and bathroom hardware are some that are made upon request. Most of the ceramic bathroom hardware outside the normal popular colors is made to order. So on product lines like these, anticipate a 2 to 5 week lead time. Many will be set up as direct ships to help speed up the entire ordering process and to help keep shipping costs lower. For products like kitchen cabinet doors with multiple design choices, multiple finish options, and then thousands of potential custom size combinations, these are not off-the-shelf pre-made cabinet doors. Much of the cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, lighting fixtures, more popular bathroom hardware, and other kitchen accessories are more mainstream products, and most ship immediately or quite quickly. We try to estimate average lead times for our product lines on their respective web pages (normally toward the bottom of a page). We do process orders right away to keep the process as speedy as possible. If you have questions, always call or e-mail us.

Our Stock:

We do stock a lot of Hera Lighting lights, the popular Hafele Loox LED model 2020 lights, most of the Omega-National wood products, Lenape bath hardware, some popular Siro Designs pulls, and a HUGE amount of the AC Products ceramic bathroom hardware in gloss white, black, bone, biscuit, and a few other colors. AC Products offers approx. 80 colors; we cannot stock it all, nor do they. For anything that we do stock, we ship orders right away. Foreign shipments too.

Our Website Structure:

Our website is predominately set up into sections for each manufacturer brand. We do group or link similar products together so you can view some options more easily. Such as shower and tub corner shelves. We have ceramic, porcelain, glass, Corian, and some closeout granite corner shelves. For cabinet knobs and drawer pulls, each manufacturer can offer a few hundred to a few thousand choices, and everbody has their own niche about their designs. When in any manufacturer section of our website, the second orange colored menu button will offer a flyout with page links within that section. Links to our manufacturer brand summary pages will be in the footer of each page, unless on a smartphone. If on a smartphone, a single link Shop by Manufacturer Brand will take you to a collective summary of what each manufacturer produces. A search box will be at the top and bottom of each page, as are our phone numbers. We are here to help.

How we help:

We offer phone support. Don't think that just because an item has a little Add to Cart button next to it that you cannot get additional info on it. We offer phone and e-mail support. Some of the products are pretty simple, and have easy to understand comments, dimensions, and other info. Other products like cabinet lighting and cabinet doors require more help in some situations. We can help. Ask your questions. Some of this hardware has complexities to it. We are not just a drop it in the cart type of business. We are a friendly hardware store.

And consider our Blog. As it expands, and as we have time to rattle on about something that came to mind, we will offer helpful advice, product knowledge, solutions to problems, and we hope a little comedy along the way.

Web Browser Note:

Microsoft Internet Explorer is growing old. Some functions on our website will not respond in IE11. Use Chrome, Edge, or Firefox. No problems on tablets or phones. Our website stays compatible very well on Android and Apple.

International Orders:

We do ship internationally. We will ship most every item we offer to Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Asain countries, and European countries. We pretty much can ship anywhere in the world. We generally will use the US Postal System for foreign shipments, but can also use FedEx or UPS International services. There are a few items due to size or weight that we cannot ship internationally, but very few. Such as large cabinet door orders. Most everything can ship everywhere. For international customers adding items to your shopping cart, toward the end of the cart process, you can request a shipping quote first and enter your payment details at a later time. You can always e-mail us questions in advance of ordering also.

Now, where would you like to go on our web site?
There are links below, shop by product brand or category. Use the search bars at the top and bottom of every page. Keep an eye out for those Orange Menu Bar buttons when in any Manufacturer section of our site. A flyout will open with links to pages in that section. And we have our Sitemap index - that is like a table of contents.
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