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Estar Lighting LED Power Driver

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Estar LED Tech Co. LED Power Driver

On this page, you will find the 60 watt LED power driver for home applications for use with the Estar Tech LED lights. Additionally, the 10-port terminal block extender and extension lead wires are also shown. When installing the LED lights in your home, you need this driver. It converts your 120 volt AC power into 12 volt DC power for the low voltage lights. One to six lights can easily attach into this driver with the 6 available ports on the driver. Then there is a port for the terminal block extender which gives you 10 addtional ports to use. So you can connect up to 16 lights to one driver if you need to. Lights are only 3 watts each and shown on the Estar LED lights page. No worries of maxing out the driver when connecting up to 48 watts of lights. And look at all that power savings you get with LED lighting.

How do I know how many LED power drivers I will need

In most kitchen applications, you may want to space your under cabinet lights about 14 to 18" apart. THERE IS NO SET RULE. It is preference, and the length of your cabinet runs are going to help decide that too. Thus if you have a 36" wide upper cabinet, it is your choice to add 2 or 3 lights to its underside. If two, you can space them in 12" On Center from each end thus giving you equal spacing across the three feet. If you opt for 3 lights and space the outer two close to the ends of the cabinet and then center the third, you may be about 14 to 15" apart. And L-shaped cabinet banks offer a new twist on how you space them.

Generally, the closer the lights are together, and the greater number of them, the greater amount of light on your countertops. For mullion glass cabinet doors, you could add a light per door. That gives a nicer effect when the light is centered behind the door, or two lights behind two doors for double door upper cabinets. You don't want to hide a light behind the frames of the doors, and then throw bad shadow lines into the room. All of this applies to bathroom cabinets, bedroom furniture, hutches, or anywhere else you plan to mount the lights.

Thus you may end up with zones. Especially when a window, microwave, or oven inhibit you from running wires across the room. So you need an LED power driver PER ZONE. If you have only one zone of light, which is true of most small to medium size kitchens, then you need just the one driver. But you can connect 1 to 16 lights per driver. For 7 or more, you need the help of the 10-port terminal block shown on this page.

Extension leads are used for longer runs when the lights start getting farther away from a driver's location. Best to center a driver if your power source allows it and run lights in two directions away from the driver. Less need for extension wires.

The 60 watt LED Driver and accessories

Estar LED Tech: LED Light Accessories
Estar LED Tech Co. WF-LD60U-12V LED light power driver, 12 volt, 60 watt, has 6 ports to connect lights, one port for terminal block extender, comes with 62" long US power cord, 62mm w x 160mm long x 20mm h
Estar LED Tech: LED Light Accessories
Estar LED Tech Co. TE-10 Terminal block extender for LED power drivers, 10 ports, allows for greater number of lights to attach to one driver
Estar LED Tech: LED Light Accessories
Estar LED Tech Co. EC-2 extension cable for SELT LED lights, extend the reach from the driver to the light, 2m long, 78-3/4"

About the driver and terminal block extender

  • Clicking on the picture of the driver will open up additional views
  • The driver has 6 built in light ports, use any of them, no order to them
  • Notice the orange tipped pigtail on the 10-port extender, that fits into the orange port on the driver
  • Thus the 10-port terminal block extender adds 10 more useable light ports
  • Driver measures: 160mm long x 62mm wide x 20mm tall (6-14" x 2-716" x 3/4")
  • Comes with detached US 2-prong power cord
  • Thus when connecting your lights, connect all lights first, PLUG IN the driver LAST

Terminal Block and Extension Cable

  • Terminal block has a 5" long pigtail with specific plug in end (orange)
  • Block is 92mm wide x 30mm deep x 10mm thick (3-5/8" x 1-3/16" x 7/16")
  • Use terminal block when needing to connect 7 to 16 lights per driver
  • Extension lead wires are 79" long, 2 meters, only use when needed
  • Each light already comes with an attached lead wire on it, extension wires only for more reach
Lights and trim rings for lights can be ordered on the LED lights page. If you need surface mount rings, those are on the surface mount ring page.

Additional help pages:

Dimming accessories page (coming soon)

For marine vessel applications, Carver Yachts, Formula Boats, and others, you most likely will not need anything from this web page. If you are just retrofitting old halogen lights to LED lights, you will nip the connector end off the lead wire on the lights and just splice the lights into your existing wiring.

Questions? call or e-mail us. Phone numbers and Contact Us links at the top and bottom of all web pages.
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