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Eclectic-ware FAX and US Mail Ordering Form

Ordering and Company Info
We did accept FAX orders, in the dark ages. This changed when we decided to get rid of our FAX line due to no one using it. Times have changed. Most customers are okay with ordering on-line or over the phone. And we still do accept orders via US Mail.

So as of July 7, 2022, we have removed our old FAX number from our web pages. All of our literature: flyers, letter openers, rulers, and other promotional items will still have our FAX number on it. A lot of that info has been out there for over 21 years. So if you see our FAX number listed as 813-634-3400, that is now out of service. And when the next phone customer gets assigned that nice number ending in double zero, we hope he doesn't hear too many fax tones when he answers. All of our vendors now e-mail us confirmations and invoices. Most do not use the mail or a fax line anymore. The only faxes we were receiving were from roofers and driveway paving companies. Basically Junk Fax.

Commercial companies that like sending purchase orders still can. Most are okay with e-mailing PDF files of their PO's. Our main e-mail address is Or you can use:

Also, we have a web ordering form which is very convenient for entering your data and then manually entering part numbers. This is separate from the shopping cart function on all the product pages. If you would like to use it, find it at this link: Eclectic-ware ordering form.

We do accept orders from everyone: homeowners and commercial companies. Check or money order payments via the US Mail are accepted. Please give us a chance to quote shipping in advance so you can prepare your check or money order for the proper amount.

Our billing and physical address is: Eclectic-ware, 3110 Turkey Walk Lane, Wimauma, FL  33598  USA

The information we will need for a Mail Order will be the following fields. You can highlight them and "print selection", and then use that as a mail in order form. Or you can copy and paste the lines into your word processor or e-mail program and send us "most" of your info. WE STRONGLY ADVISE NOT sending credit card info in a plain e-mail. We have a secure web page to submit your credit card info if you are choosing to do so on-line:

We still have our old style on-line ordering form set up:

It is our intention to offer multiple ways to order for our customers. Not everyone likes shopping carts and doing it on-line. Thus calling in an order, mailing it, or using e-mail are options.
Company (if applicable):
Ship to address:
City, State, and Zip:
Country (if outside the US):
Phone #:
E-mail address:
Product info: (quantity) (part number) (additional description if needed)
(space items apart neatly, write neatly, please make it readable) That goes for Doctors too.

Comments: (any additional notes)

Credit card info: (if planning on paying by credit card)
Card #:
Exp date:
Name on card:
Billing address (if different from above):
City, ST, Zip on card:

If planning on paying via check or money order, leave the credit card entries blank.

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