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Credit Card Entry Payment Screen

Ordering and Company Info
To pay for your order now for immediate processing, please fill in your name, e-mail, and credit card details below.

Do not be alarmed by your cart showing empty. Your information was just automatically sent to us. The reason for that is to separate your credit card information from the auto responder e-mail so CC numbers do not e-mail back to you. When entered in this payment page and when we acknowledge it, no credit card numbers are sent in e-mails. This is for your protection.

If you are returning to this page from a quotation in an e-mail that we had previously sent, please continue to fill in your payment information AND Order/Quote Number.

You can finalize your order now or come back to it another day. Our shipping rates are fair and we strive to use the lowest priced carrier, and we only charge you what we are being charged. No markups on shipping costs. Some shipping rate examples.

If you would like a quote first, you can just close / exit this page now and we will get back to you generally in a day or two.
If you have not heard from us, very possible that your e-mail address was entered incorrectly. Check back with us if longer than 2 days (weekends excluded).

And if you are paying now, please ignore the Green button in the autoresponder e-mail that was sent to you. That is just something the software does to allow customers to pay later.

If using Internet Explorer 11.0 or earlier, anticipate that older browswers do not respond well on modern platforms. Firefox, Chrome, and Edge work extremely well.

Eclectic-ware accepts major credit cards
VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover accepted.

Please enter your e-mail address as you previously entered it so we can match it up. If different, consider filling in the order number field also. That was just e-mailed to you.

Order or Reference Number is only required if returning later from the link in the e-mail we sent. If you are just continuing with your order now, you can leave it blank as long as we have your name and e-mail above.

Please consider entering your card number as 4024 0000 1111 2222 with spaces, JUST LIKE on your credit card.
It is much easier to read this way, and it makes it easier for you to double check too.

Additional comments could pertain to size info, Corian or solid surface color choices, stock checking or lead time inquiries, etc. You can free type any questions or notes.

Florida sales tax is applied to orders being delivered within Florida only. Unless you have a commercial exemption.

THE REMAINING FIELDS pertain to commercial customers only.
Everyone else can SKIP TO the green Send Your Payment Information button lower on the page.
Florida business customers only: If you have a FL re-sale certificate for tax exemption, enter your re-sale number here.

For any business customer, if you need to tag your order with a Purchase Order number or Job Name, do so here.

For COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS who selected to apply shipping charges to your business UPS or FedEx account, enter your account number here. And then select your preferred shipping speed below.

 UPS Ground
 UPS 3-Day
 UPS 2nd Day Air
 UPS Next Day Air
 FedEx Economy
 FedEx 2-day
 FedEx Standard Overnight
 FedEx Priority Overnight
The check boxes above only apply to Commerical Customers using their own UPS or FedEx account for the shipping charges. Everyone else can ignore them.
An automated e-mail will be sent moments after sending in your info, just to acknowledge that your submission was sent. Afterward, we will respond potentially the same day, or within a day or two with your order status, or a quote if you requested a quote first.

GMail, Earthlink, and Hotmail e-mail addresses: PLEASE check those SPAM folders or spam settings since these services seem to go a bit overboard on protection and throw real e-mails into spam. Or just block you at the front door. The e-mail address for our "auto-response" will be from Our invoices will be sent from And quite oftenly, we will reply to various e-mails and correspondance from

You can also contact us at any of those 3 e-mail addresses. AND, IF YOU ARE CHOSING to have us quote shipping first, everyone on GMail had better scroll down in that folder list to find the SPAM folder and see what might be stuck in there. GMail does not automatically show that folder high in the list. It is tucked in the bottom. And it seems like a lot of our e-mails to customers we have never had contact with, fall into there. So please do take a peek in there randomly. Sometimes people you know get stuck in SPAM. Just certain words trigger a spam filter. We have no control over it. Thanks.
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