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Wave and Trapeze wavy cabinet pulls Siro Designs

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Siro Designs Wave 118-Series: decorative hardware that rolls like an ocean wave across your cabinet fronts

The Siro Wave Collection has come ashore. Flowing all the way from the European beaches to our shores, we have some new designer drawer pulls available in America. The Wave pulls come in 3 widths, the narrowest can be used as a cabinet knob, but note, it is still mounted by two screws. The longer handles are great for kitchen drawers. We think that they look best mounted horizontally as shown in the pictures below. But we see no reason why they could not be mounted vertically; just as ocean waves seem to come from all directions. New design ideas from Siro. The Wave will make a splash.

The Trapeze collection is shown after the Wave designs.
Siro Designs Wave 118-series
Wave 118-100 wavy handle, bright chrome
Three sizes to pick from:
SIR-118-100 OL: 60mm (2.35"); CTC 32mm (1.25";) W: 59mm (2.30"); P: 24mm (.95")
SIR-118-102 OL: 124mm (4.90"); CTC 64mm (2.50";) or 96mm (3.75")
SIR-118-104 OL: 156mm (6.15"); CTC 96mm (3.75";) or 128mm (5.00")

Siro Designs Trapeze 121-Series: the wave continues

Since the Trapeze finger pulls look similar to the Wave pulls, we decided to plunk them next on this page. Available in two finishes, the other two handle designs actually come in multiple lengths. The Trapeze is another of their newer collections. Cabinet hardware has seen many unusual shapes and sizes over the years. It has come a long way from the standard wire pull and round knob. Designer choices and architecturally sculpted hardware is becoming quite popular. Everyone's kitchen is a bit different nowadays. Why not add to that cleverness with beautiful door knobs and drawer pulls.
Siro Designs Trapeze 121-series
Trapeze 121-100 wavy finger pull, bright chrome
OL: 72mm (2.85"); CC: 64mm (2.50"); W: 72mm (2.85"); P: 31mm (1.20")
Siro Designs Trapeze 121-series
Trapeze 121-102 wavy finger pull, fine brushed nickel
OL: 72mm (2.85"); CC: 64mm (2.50"); W: 72mm (2.85"); P: 31mm (1.20")
Siro Designs Trapeze 121-series
Trapeze 121-108 drawer pull, fine brushed nickel
OL: 210mm (8.30"); CC: 160mm (6.30"); W: 10mm (.40"); P: 34mm (1.30")
ALSO: SIR-121-104 bright chrome
AND then in this larger size:
SIR-121-106 bright chrome OL: 370mm (14.55"); CC: 320mm (12.60")
SIR-121-110 fine brushed nickel OL: 370mm (14.55"); CC: 320mm (12.60")
Siro Designs Trapeze 121-series
Trapeze 121-114 drawer pull, bright chrome
Available in two finishes and three sizes:
OL: 145mm (5.70"); CC: 128mm (5.00"); W: 15mm (.60"); P: 30mm (1.20")
SIR-121-112 bright chrome
SIR-121-118 fine brushed nickel
OL: 209mm (8.25"); CC: 192mm (7.55"); W: 15mm (.60"); P: 30mm (1.20")
SIR-121-114 bright chrome
SIR-121-120 fine brushed nickel
OL: 337mm (13.25"); CC: 320mm (12.60"); W: 15mm (.60"); P: 30mm (1.20")
SIR-121-116 bright chrome
SIR-121-122 fine brushed nickel
NOTE: Both the Wave handles and the Trapeze longer pulls come in multiple sizes. The drop down lists allow you to select the size you would like.

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