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Stop the Nonsense

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To all our Valued Customers ...

If you landed on this page, it was due to selecting a link for our OLD Contact Us page. These links can be virtually anywhere on the web for anyone, or any site, that has saved a link to our website in the past. So if you bear with us for just a moment and read this, we will explain this page.

Our contact form, and other forms throughout our website are for our customers to use. But as with any website, we tend to attract the idiot crowd. Those who want to tell us about Bitcoin, sell us insurance, sell SEO services, and then just the outright criminal element attempting to screw us on something. The really ridiculous SEO guys think that they can plant a link on our website by using a contact form. The super ridiculous SEO guys will fill every form field with a link. Boy are they dumb. Yes, on blog sites where it says you can leave comments, links can find their way onto a blog that is not monitored first. Give it up, no such luck here. And anyone trying to scam us, we don't appreciate it. Our contact form is for our customers to use to relay 'real' questions.

In November of 2019, we upgraded our website to a mobile responsive format. Yep, we finally caught up with the times. Whenever a website changes a bunch or all of its URL's, it is important to forward old pages to the new. This way if someone comes across an old link anywhere, they are immediately redirected to the new page. Works smoothly and usually with no indication that a jump occurred. Our old contact us page URL is being directed to this web page, nicely called Stop the Nonsense. That is the message for all the idiots attempting to steal, scam, or just waste our time with nothingness. For our real customers if you have read this far, go back up into the header of this page, it will say contact us near or under our logo. You can access our new and real contact page there. And yes, we may be cluing in some of the idiots as to how to find the new page, but at least the idiots using robots to sniff out a contact page will have to work harder.

That is something most people are not aware of either. There are services out there actively spamming us through our contact page, and their sales pitch is to how to sniff out website contact pages and spam the heck out of them. Nice world, huh? I'm sure they get some business of their own out of it. Why else would they continue? I would imagine that there are many other business owners who are just as tired of it as I am, probably millions of them. [AND Eclectic-ware uses no such service, nor do we intend to. We use real advertising methods, not annoy the heck out of people advertising methods.]

So to our real customers needing help, call or e-mail us. You can use the contact us link above or in the footer of every web page.

And to the crowd of spam idiots not giving up, including the robot idiots, hope you can read the below:
Spammers be gone
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