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Brushy Creek Doors Quotation Thank You

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Thank you for considering Brushy Creek Custom Doors products!

What will happen next:

An auto responder e-mail confirming your submission was just sent. In the hours ahead or next 1 to 3 days, we will review your submission, prepare a quotation, and then e-mail you with our quotation and questions. If you have not heard from us by the 4th day, something might have gone wrong, or we have an incorrect e-mail for you. Please inquire with us to let us know that you have not heard back. Over the weekend, and when there is a holiday, our response could take 2 to 4 days. We do try to take some time off. (If no auto responder e-mail came to you, that is a fair assumption that the e-mail address you entered is wrong. And someone else with a similar name might be thinking, What the Heck?)

When we respond, we will include all the data you filled in on the form. It will be very important for you to check every quantity and measurement. Only you will know if that data is correct or not. If there are any gaps in your information, or if something looks odd or wrong, we will comment on it for clarity from you.

We will consider the data you sent as complete and base our quotation on that. If we need help from Brushy Creek for figuring out shipping costs on a complicated order, we will request their help, and get back to you as soon as we can.

And when we respond, we will provide you with a convenient QUOTATION NUMBER.

What happens after that:

You will read over our e-mail, look over your data for clarity, let us know about any changes and potentially ask for a requote. If all is good and all data is complete and correct, and you would like to proceed as an order, you can then enter your payment information. We will provide a link in the e-mail to our Door Ordering Form web page. You can use the quote number we assigned to keep from re-typing any of your long list of data. And then we will get the order started for you.

When Brushy Creek Custom Doors confirms our submission to them for your order, we will update you again. We will e-mail your official invoice, in which we use Brushy Creek's job number as our part number. And we will let you know their estimated ship date. Pretty much every door order shipping within the Continental US 48 States will be a direct ship from them in South Carolina. Orders to Canada or off the North American Continent will come to us first and then we ship to you. Thus larger orders for outside of the US may not happen just due to shipping costs being outrageously expensive. Our goal of course is to save you money on the shipping. A shipping quote will have outlined in our first response to you.

If the first wave of info we sent back had some measurement or other errors, then we will e-mail back and forth, or discuss it on the phone, and get everything correct. Then we can proceed with the order if you choose. It is very important to have EVERYTHING right when you commit to the order. There is a tiny 24 hour window we have to call in a change to Brushy Creek. After that, they have order alteration charges. And neither of us wants that. So even it it takes 10 e-mails back and forth or 3 months to figure out what you need, the order is not submitted until you are fully ready.

What happens 2 to 4 weeks later:

We created a web page about receiving and unpacking your door order. So we will not repeat ourself here. Look over that page. Warranty and Care info is also presented on that page.
Along with custom made cabinet doors and refacing materials, we do offer under cabinet lighting fixtures. Low volatage LED lighting can be used inside glass front cabinets too. In the kitchen and in living room entertainment cabinets.

We also have a nice selection of decorative cabinet knobs and drawer pulls from several different manufacturers. Modern, contemporary, traditional, and themed cabinet hardware. Lots of nice selections.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.
Our array of products focuses on home improvement and construction in relation to kitchens, bathrooms, and furniture making.

Thus, if working on a bathroom, check out our ceramic bathroom hardware MADE in the USA!
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